Texas Class A Master Barber/Coiffeur

TDLR # 51189

Independent Hair/Makeup Artist

listed in The Texas Film Commission Directory

skin and hair product formulation.

Digitally Prearranged Remote Service

What is a Digitally Prearranged Remote Service?

Digitally prearranged remote services” are a limited range of barbering or cosmetology services that meet the following criteria:

  • The barbering or cosmetology services are not performed at a licensed salon, mobile salon, beauty/barber shop, beauty/barber school, or any other location permitted under Chapter 16011602 or 1603 of the Texas Administrative Code. Examples may include your home or the client’s home.
  • Your customers prearrange their appointments using an app, a website, or another online-enabled system, such as social media or messaging apps.
  • You hold a current and valid license, a certificate of registration, or a permit under Chapter 16011602 or 1603 of the Texas Administrative Code.
  • You received compensation for providing barbering or cosmetology services. ~ TDLR


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