IT Services

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Skills & Expertise
Profile Migration, Multi-port CISCO network switches connection & Configuration.
Microsoft Office software programs networking and printer mapping.
Physical computer & peripheral equipment set-up.
Management, Social Media, Microsoft Office, Customer Service, Public Speaking, MS Project,
E-commerce, System Administration, Software Development, Team Building, Project Management,
Marketing Leadership, Sales Management, Inventory Management, Coaching, JavaScript,
Curriculum Development, Negotiation, Video, Licensed Barber/Cosmetologist, Practical/Written
Curriculum Development, Makeup/Prosthetic, Makeup Designer, CIW Web Design Specialist,
Adobe Master Suite, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Accredited Song/Writer, Film/Video, Soundtracks,
and Project+ certified.
CompTIA Project+ License # COMP00102036658
Texas Class A Master Barber/Coiffeur TDLR # 51189